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Ignite Your Sports Passion. Free Live Sports App!

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I am not normally someone who would promote a game or, well, just about anything, but I think this is fantastic.  Check out this new, live sports game called FireFan.  It’s free, it’s fun, it’s family friendly, and it’s global!

If you’re a sports fan you’ve got to check out this game! FireFan lets you play along live with your favorite teams on game day!  You predict the scores.  You call the plays.  You decide the action.  The penalties.  And more...ALL IN REAL TIME WHILE YOU ARE WATCHING THE GAME!

I see this game as a great way to compete against my favorite sports heroes, celebs, my college buds, friends and family, or die-hard fanatics just like you.  So if you are a fan of football, soccer, basketball, baseball, rugby, cricket, hockey, mma, or some other sports, FireFan is for you.

Exited?  Go to your Apple or Android app store and download the app now.  To get 18 free tokens for signing up, be sure to use the code:  glory 

Don't miss out on the hottest app of the year.  Ignite Your Passion.
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