PT Fat Weight Loss Thermogenics Enrich, USA

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PT - Power Trim -  225 capsules
Made by Enrich / Unicity USA
Top 10 selling product in Malaysia for 15 years

Questions welcomed - +6 012 2837979-10am-2am (GMT +8)

Features & Benefits
1. Lose stubbon brown fat
2. Flattens the tummy area 
3. Safe and natural weight loss of 1-2kg monthly
4. Increase energy
5. Eat your 3 meals daily

• Chinese Herb Tea - increases body temperature and promotes higher metabolism and conversion of brown fat to energy.
• Ascobyl Palmitate (Vitamin C) - improves absorption of nutrients
• Chromium Citrate - nourish and sustain a higher metabolism
• Salix Alba - a traditional herb to enhance and maximise synergistic effects
• Kelp - enhances thyroid glands and balances metabolism

Price & Payment:
Invest RM 137 for a botle of 225 capsules. - one month supply 
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